• Nationality: Taiwan


    Shoots: Left


    Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
    Nickname: Ronny
    Member of the TCHC from 2024

    Although his legal name is Yih-Hwai Chuang, his parents decided to name him “Ronny,” the name of their host father when they were in UK several decades ago, and it’s way easier to remember than his official name.

    Ronny was born in Taipei, Taiwan, but moved to Suzhou, China at the age of 7 because of his parents’ work. He then moved to Nagoya, Japan in 2017 for university, majoring in Chemical Engineering and Materials Chemistry at Nagoya University and moved to Tokyo in August 2023 after graduation. Ronny currently work at Accenture Japan as a Business Architecture Analyst.

    In 2010, Ronny had a chance to study in Halifax, Nova Scotia for a whole semester. He stayed with a host family with a host brother who played ice hockey and that’s how the whole story started. Ronny had the chance to watch local games, play mini-sticks, street hockey, NHL 2K etc. but never actual ice hockey.

    It wasn’t until he came to Japan, in early 2018, he realized that the university team was recruiting players, and he immediately signed up. Ronny started playing regularly ever since and he had a chance to play against teams not only locally in Nagoya, but also nationally across Japan.

    After four years playing on a university team, Ronny joined the Aichi Prefecture Shakaijin League where he had the chance to play in all three divisions.

    Ronny was invited by a Nagoya teammate to join the Tokyo Canadians’ Nagano Cup Tournament in 2023 and that’s where he first encountered the TCHC. He met a lot of nice people in Nagano, including some of his current SPARX teammates, a team he joined in August 2023, which competes in the Tokyo Urban League First Division.

    Ronny did some charity work back in high school, in which they opened their own “konbini” style shop and the profits went to a specific organization his school had been working with for a long time. Ronny also did volunteer work for several events, including the 2017 Universiade in Taipei and the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.