• Nationality: Canada


    Shoots: Right


    Hometown: Duncan, BC, Canada
    Nickname: Rosey
    Member of the TCHC from 1998-2011 and 2019-present

    Mike played junior hockey for Kerry Park Islanders in the VIJHL on Vancouver Island before receiving a scholarship from Toyo University to play for the Varsity Hockey Team in Japan. Over his 4 years at Toyo, Mike showcased his versatility by excelling in defensive and forward positions, ultimately solidifying his role on defense.

    Mike’s leadership journey in the TCHC began in the ’90s when he transitioned to the Tokyo Super League, Vanguards. He quickly became a key player, notably participating in pioneering overseas tournaments with the Tokyo Canadians, as documented in TCHC history. In 1998, he officially joined the Canadians and was a member of the first TCHC international tournament-winning team at the Bangkok International Ice Hockey Invitational Tournament. Mike participated in various leadership roles with the Canadians. He started as team Secretary, transitioned to Vice President, and ultimately served as President. His tenure as Team Captain from 2002 to 2006 was a testament to his commitment and leadership, both on and off the ice.

    After graduating from university, Mike’s career in the medical device industry took him from Asia to Europe and Canada. However, his love for hockey and the TCHC community drew him back to Japan for his third stint in 2019. His international experience, spanning different continents and cultures, has enriched his personal life and helped build lasting relationships in the hockey community. Mike’s return to the Canadians is marked by his excitement for the team’s new additions and his anticipation of a brighter future that will carry on the TCHC legacy.

    Photo courtesy of Ray Yamaguchi Photography.