• Nationality: Canada


    Shoots: Left


    Hometown: St. Catharines, ON, Canada
    Nickname: JR
    Member of the TCHC from 1995-2002 (founding member)

    John was a force on and off the ice. In addition to the Tokyo Canadians, he also played for the Vanguards in the “S-League” in Tokyo. Although one of the older players on the circuit, he played the game the right way. And hard. Always hard.

    JR was one of the founding members of the Tokyo Canadians and held various executive positions in those important early years. Arranging games, parties, and other off-ice events helped the team develop a brand name in both the hockey community and the Tokyo community at large. The very popular annual charity bash hosted at the Canadian Embassy was launched to help the team support the Father Joe Maier Children’s Mercy Centre in Bangkok and cemented the team’s relationship with the Bangkok Flying Farang and the Dubai Mighty Camels.

    In those early years, the Tokyo Canadians traveled to many overseas tournaments in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and more. As coach and captain of the team John was known for his fiery pre-game pep talks. Prior to one particular championship game in Thailand, JR was well into his speech on tactics and defensive play, but the boys could not hold their composure and broke out into hilarious laughter because JR didn’t realize he was still unchanged and was urging on his teammates in just his birthday suit!

    After his time in Japan, John returned to full-time high school teaching in Canada and taught History, Law, English, Sports and Recreational Leadership, as well as special classes for the High Performers Program (students who are elite athletes in various sports). John was honoured to be nominated by his students for the Governor General’s History Award and got as far as the ‘Final 30’ (among more than 500 teachers). It felt very rewarding to be appreciated by his students even though he was not among the final six award winners.

    John was also inducted into the University of Toronto‘s Sports Hall of Fame in 2022 as part of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues hockey teams that won back-to-back national titles in the mid-1970’s, coached by Tom Watt.

    John retired from full-time teaching on the occasion of his 70th birthday at the end of January, 2024, and lives in Milton, ON, with his wife, Susan.