• Nationality: Canada


    Shoots: Right


    Hometown: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    Member of the TCHC from 2016-2019

    If you look up beauty in the hockey dictionary, you will see Joel’s photo there. He is a beauty through-and-through.

    Joel has spent more than five years with TCHC off and on as a full-time member and alumnus who continues attends overseas and local tournaments.

    Staying on the ice and making some great friends is why Joel joined the Tokyo Canadians. He joined the TCHC not only because the boys are Legends, but also because they are literally the best show in town.

    The TCHC boys are all about hockey and about having a good time. Memories include setting the tone in Thailand, busting up the blades at the Nagano Cup and still coming away with the crown, and in general just having a good time with these beauties on and off the ice.

    Japan treats Joel well. Currently he is managing a team of recruitment consultants at JAC International and he has a family of four with a little hockey player in the ranks.

    Joel is looking forward to going bar-down on you benders. Showing you what The Peg is all about. Eh.