• Nationality: Canada


    Shoots: Left


    Hometown: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    Nickname: JLEW
    Member of the TCHC from 2020-2021

    A proud father of two, Jason has a deep-rooted love for hockey. Originally from Winnipeg, Canada, he now resides in Tokyo, where his children play the game. Jason’s hockey journey began in Winnipeg, where he played in his youth, laying the foundation for his lifelong passion for the sport.

    In addition to being a dedicated player in the beer league circuit, JLEW is heavily involved in coaching his children’s hockey team. He’s passionate about helping young players improve their skills and develop a love for the game, just as he did growing up.

    When he’s not coaching or spending time with his family, Jason is always keen to lace up his the skates for a good ol’ Winnipeg-style pond hockey game and creating that camaraderie and the joy of being on the ice with a great group of people.