Hiroki IIDA


  • Nationality: Japan


    Shoots: Left


    Hometown: Okayama, Japan
    Nickname: Rok
    Member of the TCHC from 2023-present

    Hiroki grew up in Calgary – as an Oilers fan – and went to elementary and junior high in Canada. He witnessed the Great 99 at Northlands Coliseum and at the newly-built Saddledome back in 1980s.

    Rok never played, or thought of playing, hockey for three decades after coming back to Japan. He began playing hockey when his kid started in 2015 in Washington, DC. Much to Hiroki’s chagrin, his kid became Washington Capitals fan.

    Hiroki became hard core Fantasy Hockey Player since he began following the NHL again. He is currently working for TrackMan, the ball trajectory technology company and travels a lot, usually on weekdays.

    Outside work, Hiroki is a JIHF committee member and has USA official certification but both on paper, no activity.

    Photo courtesy of Ray Yamaguchi Photography.