• Nationality: United States


    Shoots: Left


    Hometown – Oklahoma City, OK, USA
    Nickname: DV
    Member of the TCHC from 1999-2004

    Denton caught the hockey bug from his father very early in life while growing up in Oklahoma. Not exactly a hockey hotbed, it was still a place a youngster could watch future NHLers like Mike Palmateer and Dino Ciccarelli hone their skills in the minors.

    After moving to Japan in 1997, Denton would eventually land on the Tokyo Canadians in 1999 following a conversation with Joji Hiratsuka at Citizen Plaza Rink in Takadanobaba. Upon hearing the TCHC was shorthanded heading into the Thailand Tournament, Denton convinced – or rather begged – Hiratsuka to let him join the team.

    What followed was a six-year string of hockey games, overseas trips, charity events, parties, festivals, and lifelong friendships.

    When pressed to choose one favorite trip, DV would probably select the 2001 Chiang Mai games. Despite going 0-2-1 and failing to advance, it still proved to be a fun week.

    “Flying into Chiang Mai the same week of the Loy Krathong Festival with the floating lanterns in the sky, the candles in the river, locals throwing firecrackers at you…then playing against Neal Broten and that USA team…it was definitely memorable. And don’t forget the tuk-tuk races back to the hotel.”

    After leaving Tokyo, DV skated briefly with teams in Okinawa and Bangkok, but those teams paled in comparison to playing with the Tokyo Canadians.

    “That group we had in Tokyo was really special. It was a real honour to be a part of that team and I’ll always cherish those memories.” [Ed. note, you can tell the Canadian influence on Denton by how he spells honour the proper way!]

    Today, Denton works for a Pennsylvania-based marketing company that specializes in mobile billboard advertising. Many of their campaigns focus on high-profile sporting events such as the Super Bowl, the PGA Tour and NCAA college football. Denton returned to his roots and lives back in Oklahoma City.