• Nationality: United States


    Shoots: Right


    Hometown: New York, NY, USA
    Nickname: Looch
    Member of the TCHC from 2012-present

    Chris was born in Yonkers, New York’s sixth borough, and raised in Mt. Vernon, home of Denzel Washington and DMX. He learned to skate in this urban jungle, rollerblading for miles around the city. His father first introduced him to ice hockey and the New York Rangers when he was nine years old. The year 1994 was a good time to be a Rangers fan. (It was also the last good time.) He wears number 27 in honor of Alexei Kovalev.

    Having built up a foundation of flexibility practicing Tae Kwon Do, Chris first took to playing goalie on the ice. He transitioned to a skater in high school but found himself playing more inline than ice, participating in a number of NARCH tournaments. Chris chose a university in Chicago that did not have an ice hockey team, but given his penchant for rollerblading around cities, he found a great group of guys in the community to play inline hockey with at Proesel Park in Lincolnwood. He kept up his love for ice hockey by following his Rangers on ESPN and attending Blackhawks games with $8 student tickets (before the Kane/Toews era).

    After university, he planned to move to the countryside of Nagasaki prefecture on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. In a moment of pure serendipity, Chris met a Canadian from Surrey, BC and learned about a foreigner playing on Nagasaki’s men’s prefectural ice hockey team. Fast forward a few weeks, and Chris was making the three-hour round trip drive to practice three days a week using borrowed gear from his new (and first) Japanese friends. Despite only intending to stay for one year, Chris has been in Japan since 2006, and the hockey community he was fortunate to be a part of was an integral part of his reason for staying.

    When Chris moved to Tokyo, he was eager to join another hockey community. His Canadian friend from Kyushu sent him a link to the Tokyo Canadians website. The rest is history. Through the Tokyo Canadians, Chris has branched out to play for Dentsu of the S-League and JINXS of the Kanagawa League, as well as inline hockey for the Nanashi Boyz in the Misconduct Hockey League. He even finds time to play ball hockey for the Tokyo Street Hockey Association and in its annual tournament, the Yamato Cup.

    Chris has played ice hockey around the globe, including in some unique locations such as North Korea, Turkmenistan, Kenya, Ecuador, and Ushuaia, Argentina. In between hockey travels, he helps as on-ice support for his son’s team, the Shin Yokohama Junior Ice Hockey Club. To date, his greatest accomplishment was becoming the world’s first fully dressed hockey player to play the grand harp.

    Photo courtesy of Ray Yamaguchi Photography.