• Nationality: United States


    Catches: Left


    Hometown: Boston, MA, USA
    Nicknames: Anto, The CAT
    Member of the TCHC from 2004-2013

    Chris quickly became a fan favourite on and off the ice immediately after joining the Tokyo Canadians. He was a regular participant at local games versus some heady opponents as well as attending many of the overseas tournaments with the TCHC. Additionally, Chris held several executive positions with the TCHC during his tenure helping the team to host many successful fundraising parties and other charitable events.

    When he first came to Japan Chris worked for Lehman Brothers until that fateful Monday, September 15, 2008. The so-called Lehman Shock was portrayed in the movie “The Big Short.”

    The previous weekend, Anto and the TCHC were heading to Seoul, Korea to play in the Kimchi Pot Ice Hockey Tournament. All weekend long Chris was receiving calls from concerned colleagues about what was going to happen on that Monday, which is now in the history books. However, the stress of off-ice issues did not affect Chris’ play on the ice.

    Observers watched Chris handle the situation in such a calm and professional manner, it is no surprise that he had risen up the ranks to a Managing Director position at such a young age.

    After some years working with Nomura Securities, the Canadians were sad to see Chris move on to a new job overseas, where he is currently Co-Head of Asia at Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, a US based asset management organization.

    Chris currently resides in Hong Kong with his wife Nadiah and their three children. Although he had to retire the goal pads due to a bad knee and a groin that doesn’t flex well any longer, The CAT continues to play hockey, at least weekly, as a gritty forward in the Hong Kong National League (HKIHA).