Kenya Ice Lions

by Evan Iveson, Team Member & Webmaster

I had the absolute pleasure of playing hockey with these AMAZING hockey ambassadors from Kenya’s Ice Lions – Faith SIHOHO and Benjamin MBURU – along with the incredible and talented group of players from Africa (Egypt, Algeria, South Africa and Morocco). What an experience!

A big thank you to the The Friendship League and the Tokyo Canadians for putting together such a cool experience to grow the game of hockey.

If you haven’t already checked out the Tim Horton’s documentary on the Kenya Ice Lions, you definitely should and help support their mission to grow hockey in Kenya. Above this article is a 3:30 teaser video, but the full documentary is well worth the watch.

If you would like to support the Kenya Ice Lions, and their goal of building a full sized ice hockey rink, please check out their merchandise on The Friendship League’s website.