White stars, red hot


Date of Game: December 9, 2023

TCHC White

by Tommy Hanrahan, Staff Writer


In a December clash that’s more epic than a barstool debate, TCHC White flexed their hockey muscles and left the REDBLACKS seeing stars. THCH White got off to a red-hot start in the first period, starting with an unassisted goal by Noah Honch. The team continued to light up the scoreboard like a Vegas marquee, with 3 additional goals from Patrick Adams, Satoshi Chawanya (assists to Joji and Philip) and Philip LeBlanc (assists to Colucci and Adams). 

REDBLACKs tried to make a comeback in the second period, with a goal from Kuyama (assist to Yamashita). But the comeback attempt was short-lived since Team White’s offense caught fire again to push the team’s lead to 7-1. 

The REDBLACKs goaltender was facing more rubber than a tire factory, but, to the crowd’s surprise, they actually outscored the TCHC Whites 2-1 in the third period with goals by Eric La Cara and Yamashita. The final score was an 8-3 Win for TCHC White.

Special shoutout to Ian Medcalf, who had his last game with the Tokyo Canadians, as he is moving on to a new post starting in January. Although Ian didn’t light the lamp in this game, he got an assist and was always hard-working on the forecheck.

We wish Ian and his family well in their new adventures!

Game photos by Naoto (Ray) Yamaguchi.

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Tokyo Canadians #93 Ian MEDCALF notched an assist in his Sayonara Game as TCHC White dismantling of the REDBLACKS.