TCHC White wins vs REDBLACKS


Date of Game: August 12, 2023

TCHC White

The Tokyo Canadians Team White skated to an 11-9 victory over the REDBLACKS on Saturday night at Jingu arena.

There was a great turnout, with 15 skaters for the Whites and 13 for the REDBLACKS. We even got John and Josh from the depths of Kanagawa out to the game (“hard to find ice in the summertime”), which means there are no excuses for the other Kanagawans…


Leading the way for Team White was rookie Yoshin T., on loan from the Ottawa Jr Senators. He was one of four former Jingu Jr players in the game last night.

Helping out the scoring for the Whites were Colucci and Medcalf, as well as defender Riley “The Duke” with some slick moves, among others.

Hans “Solo” H. on D for the Whites enjoyed battling with the young players, laughing on the bench when they got frustrated with his veteran “tactics”.

Hans’ partner #7 had some challenges dealing with the speed of the opponents, specifically the smooth skating, ageless #51 Naoto. Luckily for the Whites, Naoto spent most of the game trying to set up his linemates for scoring chances instead of shooting himself.

For the REDBLACKS, their #12 HIDE (He-Day) led the way in scoring. Me thinks the guy did not see his D side of centre ice the whole game…

The 125-year-old combination of Chaw-dog and Joji combined for a nice cross-crease passing play which ol’ #13 tapped in the empty net. Two feet with an empty net, and Joji is money!

REDBLACKS D-man S. Faulker, with his Brent Burns beard, skated off the jet plane at Narita straight to the rink. He and partner Koby played a solid game both offensively and defensively. (Koby plays defense?!?! – in name only…)

Goalers Tatsumoto and Kamari made some fine saves, but guys, we need to close that 5-hole! With the stretch pass in play and the boys in early pre-season ‘form’ the goalies were hung out to dry on more than a few occasions. 

Shu will send out a message soon regarding the next skate. Expected in the lineup are Gritty and Gritty Jr, back from their short-term demotion to the Iron League. Keep your heads up, boys. They will be bringing the foil and playing angry.

Until then, stay cool out there.

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