Date of Game: May 11, 2024

TCHC White

by Tommy Chuckles, staff writer

The intense showdown between the TCHC White and the REDBLACKS on Saturday, May 11th was a spectacle to behold. First, due to the worldwide semiconductor shortage, there was only one pen available to keep score. TCHC White was ostensibly tasked with keeping score for both sides, a message that was sadly never delivered due to an aging carrier pigeon. If you like anything that you enjoy, then you will find the events described below to be palatable—a minimum 60% of which are entirely plausible.

First Period:
The game began with an explosion of action as Hiroki Yamashita (#11) split the TCHC White’s defense like a migraine to score the opening goal for the REDBLACKS. Not to be outdone, TCHC White’s Jesse Starosta evened the score just moments later, with a little magic from Noah (Macho-)Hancho. The scoreboard didn’t get a moment’s rest as Colucci, Hébert Bureau, and Starosta added three more goals for White. It was a goal fiesta that left the fans wondering if they were watching hockey or some new form of high-speed ice ballet.

  • Goal: Hiroki Yamashita (#11, REDBLACKS) kicks things off with a dazzling breakaway, shattering the ice and the defense.
  • Goal: Jesse Starosta (White) fires back with a lightning-fast wrist shot, expertly set up by Noah.
  • Goal: Chris Colucci (#27, White) adds flair with a slick, no-look wrister from the right dot, thanks to a precision pass from Satoshi Chawanya (#8).
  • Goal: Hébert Bureau (#23 White) finds the net with a perfect setup from #42
  • Goal: Jesse Starosta (White) strikes again, showing off his scoring prowess with another assist from the ever-reliable Chawanya.

Second Period:
The REDBLACKS mounted a comeback in the second period. Yamashita fired a bullet of a slap shot passed White’s helpless netminder, and Timothy (Timo) Grossmann (#94) added another goal. TCHC White continued their offensive push, with Mike Larose (#20) and Colucci lighting the lamp again. After the second period, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested a surprised Yamashita who was unaware that it is illegal to take slap shots just 42 centimeters outside of the crease. He did not return (to the scoresheet) in the 3rd period. TCHC White had their fair share of chaos, twice playing with only four players and essentially putting themselves on a penalty kill.

  • Goal: Yamashita (#11, REDBLACKS) unleashes a thunderous slap shot, sending the puck blazing into the net.
  • Goal: Timo Grossmann (#94, REDBLACKS) joins the party, deftly adding to the score with a well-placed strike.
  • Goal: Mike Larose (#20, White) delivers a sweet tap-in, perfectly set up by the play making prowess of Colucci.
  • Goal: Chris Colucci (#27, White) demonstrates his sniper skills, firing a precise shot from the blue paint that leaves the goalie with no chance.

Third Period:
The final period was effectively a downhill ski slalom toward the REDBLACK’s net, with Meehan scoring the lone REDBLACKS goal. The REDBLACKS had several moments of brilliance too. Keung, Christian Redden (#15), and Christopher Ludgate (#88) formed a formidable line. But White was just too much to handle, as they finished strong with a stellar three-goal shift from the dynamic line of Colucci, Larose, and Mikhael. Evan Iveson (#4) and Mike Larose contributed to the final score, with assists from Satoshi Kobayashi (#44) and Mikael Anderson (#73). Our trusty single pen struggled to keep up in the third period.

  • Goal: Chris Colucci (#27, White) snipes a shot over the goalie from the crease, showcasing his precision and finesse.
  • Goal: Mike Larose (#20, White) blasts a slap shot that sneaks through the goalie’s pads.
  • Goal: Mikael Anderson (#73 White) with a backhand tally after his third attempt during a mad flurry.
  • Goal: Meehan (#32 REDBLACKS) finds the back of the net, keeping the competition fierce.
  • Goal: Mike Larose (#20, White) capitalizes on a perfect setup from Kobayashi (#44).
  • Goal: Evan Iveson (#4, White) drove strong to the net and got a lucky bounce off the defender’s leg. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

Thanks to a breathtaking display of skill, determination, and off-angled goaltending, TCHC White emerged victorious. The true champions, however, were the fans, who may have just accidentally wandered into the building and found themselves witnessing the greatest hockey game taking place in Tokyo that evening.

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Jesse STAROSTA of Team White was the Game MVP with 2 goals and 2 assists.