TCHC White Prevails in Nail-Biter


Date of Game: April 13, 2024

TCHC White

by Alec R. Caria, staff writer

Last night’s clash between the Tokyo Canadians White and the REDBLACKS was nothing short of electrifying. With a full roster on both sides and a vibrant mix of active roster, alumni, and visitors, the stage was set for an unforgettable showdown on the ice.

First Period:
The game kicked off with a slow burn, but it was the White team that struck first blood. Koby, assisted by Hiroki Yamashita, lit the lamp early. However, Team White didn’t stop there. With a flurry of goals towards the end of the period, they surged ahead, leaving the REDBLACKS scrambling to catch up.

Goal: Koby (White) opens the scoring with a swift wrist shot, courtesy of Yamashita.
Towards the end of the period, the White team continued their offensive onslaught:

Goal: Young Gun Rintaro Mashio (White) finds the back of the net with a chip over the blocker side, set up by Toma La Cara’s pass from the blue line.

Goal: Toma (White) decides to take matters into his own hands, going 5-hole on the goalie after a beautiful chip feed from Oosako.

Goal: Yamashita (White) showcases his scoring prowess and coast-to-coast abilities with an unassisted goal, capitalizing on a defensive lapse from the REDBLACKS.

Goal: Mike Larose (White) extends the lead with a well-placed shot, deflecting Toma’s pass into the net past the sprawling goalie. 2nd assist by Mashio.

Second Period:
The REDBLACKS, determined to turn the tide, came out swinging in the second period. Christian Redden and Mickaël Hébert Bureau led the charge, notching two quick goals to close the gap. Despite Team White’s early dominance, tensions began to simmer on their bench as the REDBLACKS mounted a comeback.

Goal: Rookie D-man Christian Redden (REDBLACKS) goes top-shelf with cheddar from the point assisted by the Wolfe Clan, beating the stunned goaltender.

Goal: Mickaël Hébert Bureau (REDBLACKS) unleashes a blistering shot from the slot, set up by a precise pass from Greg Rozitis.

Goal: Eric La Cara (White) surprises everyone with a Howitzer! Picking the top corner of the net. Toma, poor guy, couldn’t seem to place it on his old man’s stick if his life depended on it. But hey, who needs precision when you’ve got perseverance? And tonight, after a few failed attempts, La Cara Sr finds the back of the net! This goal marks Eric’s second of the season and a career high.

Third Period:
The final frame saw tempers flare and emotions run high as both teams battled for supremacy. The REDBLACKS unleashed a relentless offensive assault, netting four goals to bring the game to a thrilling climax. Led by Joe Odell’s powerhouse presence, Rozitis’ precision and Hiro Murakami’s determination, they nearly turned the tables on their opponents.

Goal: Joe Odell (REDBLACKS) capitalizes on a scramble in front of the net, muscling the puck past the goalie with assistance from Yale Sheen.

Goal: Rozitis (REDBLACKS) fires a rocket of a shot from the slot, burying it in the top corner off a setup by Hiro Murakami.

Goal: Ren Wolfe (REDBLACKS) finishes a beautiful tic-tac-toe passing play, tapping in a cross-crease passes from Murakami and Bobby Chung.

Goal: Hébert Bureau (REDBLACKS) showcases his scoring touch, roofing a shot from a sharp angle, assisted by Rozitis and Ronny Chuang.

In response to the REDBLACKS surge, Team White added a pair of insurance goals:

Goal: Larose (White) capitalizes on a turnover, burying a rebound to extend the lead, assisted by Mashio and Yamashita.

Goal: Mashio (White) puts the game out of reach with a shot from the slot assisted by BJ Ohkama.

Player of the Game:
While several players shone brightly throughout the game, Mikael Hébert Bureau’s outstanding performance was stopped short of a 3rd consecutive Player of the Game honors this weekend. Instead, the accolade went to Toma La Cara for his impressive four-point game, including one goal and three assists. However, it’s worth noting that Toma’s MVP was not awarded for his setup on his father’s goal, a touching moment that showcased the family bond on the ice.

In the end, it was Team White which emerged victorious, claiming an 8-6 victory. Despite an early lead and a pair of insurance markers late in the game, they were pushed to their limits by a resilient REDBLACKS. But the real winners were the fans who were treated to a heart-stopping spectacle on the ice.

(FYI, the staff writer’s ‘pen name’ above is an anagram. Who is it?)

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Toma La CARA

Toma La Cara with an impressive four-point game, including one goal and three assists.