TCHC Rings up NTT/Densu-B


Date of Game: February 10, 2024


by Harvard Estévez, Staff Writer

After a number of inter-squad sessions, NTT-Dentsu carried the distinction of becoming the first opponent of the 2024 TCHC season.

TCHC members were clearly champing at the bit, as the roster overflowed with a full squad of 15, and TCHC GM Brent Carlson (“GMBC”)  having to shoo away many others pining for a shot at the First Team.

Significant thought was put into roster construction by GMBC, injecting decades, and we mean DECADES of wisdom, to put together three units of five skaters who would operate as harmonious units blending speed, skill and waistline. Naturally, spirits were high.

It did zero good at puck drop, as NTT-Densu jumped out to an early lead with a neat tuck from NTT’s #15. Spirits were no longer high. How could this happen?

Amidst fans calling for GMBC’s head, Josh Fly’s unit featuring convicted scoring-addict Yamashita, closet pro Naoto, sturdy D-man Bogdan and Swedish Army Knife Hans Hermenius, collectively decided enough was enough. The only way to save the season was to tie the game up, and then some.

So tie it up they did with TCHC’s opening goal from Fly after a superb pass from Hamashima. Trading blows with NTT-Densu in a closely contested 1st period, Fly’s line amassed most of the points along with Larose pitching in a goal of his own. TCHC found itself with a 4-3 lead going into the second frame.

The 2nd period was quite simply, a battle between Fly and Yamashita to decide who would achieve hat trick status first. Yamashita won this battle, with the added bonus of giving TCHC a comfortable 6-4 lead going into the third period.

With the spotlight on this masterfully constructed scoring unit, John Bogdan decided it was his time to shine with the prettiest goal of 2024. Taking the puck towards the net from his spot on the point, Bogdan dangled Fly, Yamashita, as well as a few NTT-Densu players, then scored with a patient roofing of the puck over the outstretched goalie to make it 8-5.

While NTT’s Okada and squad made things tightly contested throughout, a final 200 foot tic-tac-toe lamp lighting goal by Kai Huang, assisted by Hiroki Iida, made the final score 9-5.

MPV honours went to Josh Fly with 2 goals and many, many assists.

Game Sponsor

Josh FLY

Tokyo Canadians power forward, #91 Josh Fly who scored two goals and several assists.