REDBLACKS Score 8, White Washed


Date of Game: March 10, 2024

TCHC White

by Rick Whaderkit, staff writer

Saturday, March 9th was another great night for Tokyo Canadians Hockey at Meiji Jingumae Arena. There was a healthy mix of 11 alumni and visitors who came out to support the regular members for a REDBLACKS vs Team White game.

The first period started a little slow for our heroes in RED-and-BLACK, with Matt “The Pocket Rocket” Olszyk netting a sweet early goal. Takeshi “The Puck Whisperer” Tatsumoto came through with a few huge stops on breakaways, causing an undetermined number of players from Team White to leave early in shame. Inside sources confirmed these early departures were heard muttering something about a ‘last train’ to themselves, but everyone knew what was really up.

It was a quiet second period on the scoring front for the REDBLACKS and ultimately only Hiroki “The Hurricane” Iida was able to find the G-spot.

Early in the third period the defensive pairing of “The Pocket Rocket” and our esteemed Singaporean National Team, and new TCHC member, Christian “The Pastor” Redden, decided it was time for a lesson in offense. Olszyk used his extra-soft-mitts to bulge the twine early in the shift, followed almost immediately by The Pastor bombing one top cheddar from the point. A chorus of ‘Hallelujahs’ erupted from the bench, and, at that moment, began the Hiroki “The Apple Man” Yamashita revival. Yamashita san then proceeded to up FOUR consecutive apples on two goals from Shota “The National-Man-of-Mystery” and two more from Mike “The Florist” Larose, ending a hard fought third period.

The bad news was that the camera fell down during warm ups so there is no video evidence of the game. Also, Team White team didn’t bother keeping track of their goals so there is no proof that any were scored.

However, we can be sure the real winner of the evening was whoever drafted these teams, but we’ll never know who that was because his name didn’t make it on the scoresheet either. 🙂

(FYI, the staff writer’s ‘pen name’ above is an anagram. Get used to it for the Charity Trivia Night on March 27.)

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Niki TADAKORO of Team White, also a Vanguards D-man, was the game MVP. We think Niki may have scored 5 goals for Team White, often as the trailer on 4-on-2 rushes, but we'll never really know. The truth is out there.