REDBLACKS get Result


Date of Game: September 23, 2023


by Ned Braden, Staff Writer

Final score TCHC 5, REDBLACKS 5.

There was good attendance for the Fall Equinox skate of September with three sets of forwards and four D per team.

After a slow start for both teams with few chances on net, White got out to a 2-0 lead, led by the lawyer Ian Medcalf, holding court in front of the net. Once the REDBLACKS established its lines up front, they pushed back with more offensive zone pressure. The REDBLACKS Killer Carlson got a puck through the traffic, and Josh Fly could redirect it to put them on the board midway through the first part of the game. However, the White’s secret weapon, Yamashita-san, returning after a long-term injury, battled his way to the net and snuck one in to reestablish White’s lead by 2 goals again.

Midway through the game, the REDBLACKS rookie call-up Davey Moody, son of a founding team member, Neil, finally broke through after a nice rush with the helper from the always steady Stephen Faulkner on the back end. Moody added his second shortly after that, as White was showing its age and slowing down. White found their second wind and bounced back with Yamashita-san and Medcalf reappearing on the board, establishing another two-goal lead. So it was 5-3 going into the game’s final stanza.

The REDBLACKS were determined in the last part of the game and got two goals from Patrick Adams and Timothy to tie up the game at 5-5, both set up by the strong play of Josh Fly. As time was dwindling, strong pushes from both sides to win left some excellent opportunities; the rookie Moody had the game-winner on his tape but was denied by goalkeeper Kanari.

The game finished as a rare tie, fitting given that it was the Equinox. Shoutout to both keepers for making many great saves to keep the games close and competitive. BIG Shoutout to the MVP, Davey Moody, who played an excellent game, and more importantly, it’s always great to see the next generation keep the Tokyo Canadians team going.

Lastly, here are some announcements: 

1) We will host the AGM soon. This meeting establishes our goals and elects leaders for the 2023/2024 season, so please join! 

2) Our next skates at Jingu are on October 14th and 28th, and signups will be posted soon.

We look forward to meeting everyone at the AGM.

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Tokyo Canadians rookie, #19 D. Moody who scored two goals and an assist.