Hi-JINXSed by the TCHC


Date of Game: May 2, 2024


by Buddhist Orangeparlor

In a thrilling showdown, the Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club (TCHC) squared off against the enigmatic JINXS squad, setting the stage for an electrifying battle on the ice.

First Period:
At puck drop, the tension skyrocketed as both teams vied for dominance. TCHC’s Hiroki Yamashita wasted no time, breaking the ice with a stunning goal, setting the pace for the game. But JINXS quickly countered, with Ishikawa swooping in to tie the score, assisted by the mysteriously anonymous Mr. White Socks; then another, unassisted by #55 in blue.

Not to be outdone, TCHC rallied with Ren Wolfe hammering in another goal, courtesy of the slick setup by the ultimate wingman, Mike Larose, who seemed to be just getting started.

Despite numerous chances and rushes up the ice, Ludgate just couldn’t seem to find the back of the net; perhaps holding back for the next game. Furthermore, amidst the relentless action, goalkeeper Tatsumoto showcased his prowess with some incredible saves, keeping the game close as the first period ended.

Second Period:
As the intensity ramped up, JINXS unleashed their arsenal, with Mr. White Socks delivering a smooth goal. But TCHC answered with gusto, as Patrick Adams slammed one home, fueled by the dynamic duo of Yamashita and the ever-reliable Larose. Fuel was added to the fire as Shu Hayakawa who scored in a blaze of glory. However, JINXS refused to back down, with #88 in the blue jersey rocketing another goal past the Tatsumoto, keeping the pressure on for both teams.

Third Period:
With the game hanging in the balance, anticipation reached a fever pitch as the final period unfolded. JINXS struck first, with Shoya showcasing his prowess on the ice; and then another by Ishikawa with his second of the night, putting the JINXS ahead.

But just when it seemed the tide had turned, TCHC roared back, with Eric Wolfe igniting the comeback assisted once again by Larose. Then, Ren Wolfe unleashed a ferocious shot, propelling TCHC into a 6-6 tie, assisted again by Larose who seemed too old to score himself. As the clock ticked down, Yamashita delivered the coup de grâce, sealing the victory with a masterful display, assisted by the crafty defenseman Toma La Cara.

In a breath-taking display of skill and determination, the Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club emerged triumphant but just by the skin of their teeth. With summer around the corner, we will see if they can continue to keep it cool as their opponents continue to bring the heat.

Final score, TCHC 7, JINXS 6.

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For the second game in a row, it is Mike Larose with 5 assists on the night.