Canadians Hunt Down Foxes


Date of Game: March 19, 2024

Ushiroji Fox

On a rare Tuesday night tilt, the Tokyo Canadians lined up against Ushiroji Fox for the first time. The Canadian might proved to be too much for the Fox as TCHC steamrolled to a 15-3 victory.

Although the Canadians carried the play throughout the game, the Fox kept the score respectable in the first period by only allowing two goals by Hayakawa (Ludgate, Trost) and Mickaël Hébert Bureau (Timo Grossmann).

The Fox legs began to get heavy in the second period where the Canadians potted seven goals; two by Mike Larose and singles from Bureau, Ludgate, Anderson, Chuang and Sheen. Nakamura from Fukuda finally got the Fox on the board breaking TCHC keeper Tatsumoto’s shutout.

In the third period the Fox scored two goals from William Medcalf (unassisted) and Fukuda (Fukumoto). However, the TCHC, lead by Larose and Bureau, scored their third goals, Anderson, Ludgate and Chuang their second goals.

Larose and Bureau were neck-and-neck hounding the Fox goalkeeper Matsushita for MVP honours and it was Mickaël Hébert Bureau who scored the 15th and final goal, his fourth of the night, to take the MVP belt.

The Tokyo Canadians thank the Ushiroji Fox for hosting our team and hope to have a rematch later in the year.

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Mickaël HÉBERT BUREAU scored 4 goals and 2 assists in the TCHC big win over the Ushiroji Fox. Bureau scored the last goal of the game to beat out Mike Larose for MVP honours who 'only' scored 3 goals.