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Power Play for Progress: Support the Tokyo Canadians

The Tokyo Canadians have been champions on and off the ice for nearly 30 years, dedicated to expanding hockey's reach in Japan and aiding communities. While our members fuel the game through their passion and fees, your sponsorship is crucial for broader goals. It enables us to organize tournaments, compete across Asia, and, most importantly, continue our impactful community initiatives. By supporting us, you're not just backing a team; you're investing in the growth of hockey and the upliftment of communities.

Become on of our Sponsors
  • Elevating Fundraising Goals

    Enhance our team's community and hockey programs through your vital sponsorship support.

  • Driving Impactful Change

    Your sponsorship fuels projects that create lasting benefits in communities and sports development.

  • Global Hockey Ambassadorship

    Partner with us to expand hockey's international presence, fostering global connections and hockey's growth.

Join our growing list of sponsors

We are proud to partner with each of our sponsors that bring tangible and intangible contributions. They help us meet our goals on and off the ice.

Your sponsorship helps grow the game internationally and support communities

  • Community Support

    Actively supporting diverse causes worldwide, from children's welfare to healthcare initiatives.

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  • Charitable Initiatives

    Partnering with various charities to score big in the game of giving back.

  • Disaster relief

    Stepping up in times of need, embodying the spirit of teamwork and resilience.

  • Hockey Advocacy

    Promoting the love for hockey globally, nurturing young talents and expanding the sport's reach.



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