Great Rewards Through Fund-raising Events

The TCHC would like to introduce you to a young Thai woman who the team has been sponsoring for the past three years.
Her name is Duangjai Meechai, nicknamed Lek, and was born on June 14, 1992. At three-months of age her parents gave Lek and some money to an old woman to raise her - then Lek's parents disappeared.
Lek lived with the old woman, who made a living selling fish food, and in the beginning she went to school, but as times got tough the old woman put Lek to work and did not let her go to school.
The Public Welfare Office learned of the situation and Lek was placed under the care of the Mercy Center and was there until she graduated high school. Now she is going to university in Norway partially funded by TCHC sponsorship and partially by scholarships. 
The Tokyo Canadians began sponsoring Lek in 2006 and a lot has happened for this young woman since then. The Mercy Center has located her father and Lek remained in school - which is not always easy for teenagers in Thailand. However, Lek continued to study hard and her English ability has improved immensely in the past several years. 
When TCHC team members visit Lek and her friends, she takes charge of the situation, translating for the team and helps to take care of the younger children who come along for the outing.
This is where some of the TCHC fund-raising money goes when you see the message on party tickets about proceeds going to charity and sponsorship. There are hundreds of other children in the same situation as Lek in Thailand and we are fortunate to have her as a friend of the Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club.
Below are some photos of Lek from her debut doing traditional Thai dance at her school during ''Culture Week.''




R&W scrimmage:

Sep 18 (SUN) @ Jingu skate rink  www.meijijingugaien.jp/english/ice-skating.html 

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