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Spring Party 2015


 Tokyo Canadians are going to have a charity party again.
A portion of all the money raised will go to charity.
The party is going to be a 3 hour all you can drink party.

Date & Time : Friday March 13th 20:00 to 23:00 
Price : ¥4000 per person, all you can drink.
Location : SHAG Tokyo(

Charities : Mercy Center in Thailand (
The ticket will be required for the entrance. 

Sending PeeWees to Canada


  Recently a memeber of the Tokyo Canadians, Taro K, traveled with a Japanese PeeWee hockey team to Canada. Here is an article, in French, about the team and Taro.…/01-4846319-la-machine-russe-trop-f…

For those of you who can not read French, here is a translation "Japan eliminated and a standing ovation To everyone\'s disappointment, Japan lacked resources Saturday, losing 2-1 in a shootout in his semi-final against Inter category B Baden-Württemberg (Germany). The Japanese tournament was still ended on a positive note. After the meeting, they were warmly applauded by the audience, they were again greeted by the Japanese tradition. Last to leave the ice, head coach Taro Kurokawa (photo) has even got a standing ovation. "Despite the loss, it ends very happily. We were encouraged by the crowd, we do not was expected. We want to come back next year! "Only to lead the team, he made several sacrifices to come to Quebec. Unable to get his leave, he had to leave his marketing job with the Yamaha FC soccer club. "I have more jobs coming back, it\'s a little scary!" He admitted. The Japanese have also won the trophy for best sportsmanship."

Shinnenkai 2015


 Tokyo Canadians had "Shinnenkai" welcomed some new members

Last R&W 2014


 Tokyo Canadians had last R&W game for 2014 at 21st, December, 2014

October Party 2014


 The Tokyo Canadians are going to have another party on Saturday October 4th at LeBaron de Paris in Aoyama. Like in years past, the party is going to be a 3 hour all you can drink party. The party is going to be from 20:00 - 23:00.

The cost of admission to the party is going to be ¥4000 for 3 hours all you can drink. A portion of all the money raised will go to charity.

Date: Saturday October 4th
Time: 20:00 ~ 23:00
Price: ¥4000 per person
Address: Aoyama Center Bldg B1 
3-8-40 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku 
TOKYO 107-0062

Mercy Center in Thailand (

If you or your friends needs tickets, then please contact someone on the team

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R&W scrimmage:

Sep 18 (SUN) @ Jingu skate rink 

Feel free to contact us !