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Canadians moving on


As is often the case for foreign expats in Asia, the time comes for teammates, co-workers, and friends to say good-bye, and this year was no exception with several Tokyo Canadians electing to move on to bigger and, hopefully, better things in other parts of the world.

For starters, long-time Tokyo Canadian, Dan Moscoe, has decided to return to Canada at the end of April. The Japan Times sports writer/editor played for the 1998 team that won the OK Cup in Bangkok and the Torontonian could always be counted on for his unbiased expertise on Leafs hockey and unabashed attacks on Les Habitants.

After only one year Greame Kishiuchi and girlfriend, Kelly Hughes, have also elected to return to Canada. The Canadians hate to see them go after such a short stay, but we're sure several teams across Asia are without a doubt happy to see the Bangkok Chevron Cup MVP and his little, green helmet leave the region.

Add "DJ" Dale McClare and sharpshooter Mark Didcott to the list recently departed Canucks. Dale and his wife accepted a teaching position in Brunei in January while Mark has returned to Canada to seek his next forture.

Mitsubishi Blasts Canadians


The Tokyo Canadians lost 6-2, but according to Communications Guy, Denton Venable, the team "played well." Although the shots on goal were fairly even the Mitsubishi squad had an incredible goalie. The Canadians couldn't buy a goal even with quite a few quality shots.

Lyle Warbinek started in goal and played really well. At the mid-point, the Canadians were down only 2-0. Hiroki Narushima came in and struggled at times, let in a quick goal, but picked up his play after that. Mitsubishi eventually took a 6-0 lead but the Canadians were able to add two late goals with a few minutes to go. "Mike LaRose and Dennis Waechter were our top two players," said Venable, "and David Lotocki was a great addition at the point."

Tokyo Goals:
1. Venable (Ogiso, Lotocki)
2. Heather (Moody, ?)


Hockey Party Another Big Hit


The Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club's 4th annual dance party proved yet again to be a tremendous success with well over 400 people in attendance.

Held as always at the beautiful Canadian Embassy, party revellers were treated to the cool sounds of "DJ" Dale McClare and to the cool taste of Canadian beers and wines. Special guests for the fund-raiser were Shin Yahata of the Japan Hockey League's Kokudo Bunnies and the entire Kishiuchi family of Edmonton, Alberta.

Lucky winners of this year's prize raffle were: Ayato Yako who took home passes to Tokyo Disneyland courtesy of The Disney Stores; Fusae Kobayashi winner of a Palm Pilot courtesy of Palm Computing, Japan; and the grand prize winner, Junko Anabuki, winner of two round-trip tickets to Los Angeles courtesy of NimNak travel.

Thanks to the annual dance party, the Canadians are able to raise funds for various charities in Asia, one being Father Joe Maier's Human Development Center in Bangkok, Thailand. In early November at the Chevron Cup 2000 tournament in Bangkok, the Canadians donated 100,000 yen, topping donations made by the club in the past.

This marked the 4th year in a row the Tokyo Canadians hockey team has hosted the party fresh from tournament action in Thailand. This season saw possibly the best team ever sent to the Chevron Cup tourney featuring lopsided victories over Taiwan, New Delhi, Singapore and Riyadh. Unfortunately, things fell apart in the end with a 4-3 OT loss to the Hong Kong Selects in the tournament championship. The Canadians didn't go away completely empty-handed when center Graeme Kishiuchi beat out Roman Lebedev of Dubai for tournament MVP. This was also the fourth straight year for Tokyo and Hong Kong to meet in the final.

The Tokyo Canadians fight off the NHL


With the NHL lock-out over, and the constant threat of Tokyo Canadian players signing pro contracts, the club is happy to announce that they now have (under the table) deals with every player from last year’s roster, plus have added two new players.

Joining the elite squad are rookies Brian May and Chris Antonelli. May is a solid centerman from Toronto, and could prove to be the best two-way player on the team. Antonelli already has proven that he can play a big game as either a forward or a defenseman, and will be assigned the task of giving Ogi a Boston accent. Welcome aboard boys.

The Tokyo Canadians also have re-signed the missing Hanson Brother, and last year’s rookie sensation, Mike Slaton. Although a goalie for most of his hockey career, Slates was a goal scoring machine in the December 2004 Tokyo Charity Tournament, and took home MVP honors, along with several stitches and wired front teeth.


Other rookies that are back for a second season with the Tokyo Canadians are:

Mike Rublack, who has come off of the injured reserve list after recovering from a (1982) knee injury. Rubes is back in fine form, but will definitely challenge teammate Mark Didcott for leading the team in the consumption of ice-packs and Tiger Balm this year.

Jean Olivier Caron, who has added both youth and speed to the Tokyo Canadian offense, not to mention French. Although J.O.’s tendency to back-check doesn’t resemble the team’s normal style of play, we are confident that this will change as the Tokyo Canadian matures (i.e. gets old and lazy like the rest of us). Hanging with the team surely also provides J.O. with far more artificial intelligence than he is mastering at Tokyo University.

Soybean entrepreneur Mike Treytiak, already a veteran of several Tokyo Canadian road trips, who joined the team last season after taking a few years off from hockey in order to give himself more time to test-drive various hair products through the Tokyo nightclub district.

Austrian play-maker, Dieter Haberl, who claims that playing for the Tokyo Canadians fills The Gap that his day job doesn’t fulfill.

Newlywed Patrick Morris, who hasn’t let married life slow him down, or fatten him up ….. yet.

Time for another Tokyo Canadians hockey season, it should be great year!

Red and White Action


You Gotta have Wa (echter)

On the same evening Oji Paper won the All Japans in Nagano, the Tokyo Canadians took to the ice for their February match-up at Jingu Ice Arena. With all the
hype and emotion of the professional league, but without the spectators. Tokyo Canadian Red held on to a 8-5 victory that had referee Jason Young stating, “It was a pretty good game actually.”

Donning the original classic jerseys of the 1990s, Dave “I’m back” Hilson and Dennis “Don’t call me Bubbles” Waechter combined for 5 goals with Hilson notching his first hat-trick after returning from retirement on an empty netter late in the game. Waechter demonstrated great patience, as he circled just outside the crease and waited for a momentary pause in goalie Lyle Warbinek's flopping and twisting before rifling home his first goal of the evening.

A scary moment in the first period happened when a centering pass from the corner boards was deflected by goalkeeper Lance Leader. The puck deflected from Leader’s goal stick and smack dab into James Heather’s snoz. Big Jimmer went down to the ice like Akebono in a K-1 match, bleeding profusely from the bridge of his nose. Getting up on his own, he skated off the ice and then taken by ambulance to a hospital for a few stitches.

At the halfway point of the game, the ritual of switching goalies was preformed but not before Red had a 5 to 1 lead. In the latter portion of the game, with White hungry to tie it up, Warbinek made some key saves to keep Red in it. With three minutes left in regulation and White pulling their goalie for the extra attacker, Joji Hiratsuka’s pass to a wide open Mike LaRose could have tied it at six a piece. LaRose’s shot went wide and into the corner allowing for Hilson to pick up a pass at the centerline and go in all alone to the empty net.

3 Stars (picked by Stutorcane Productions)

1st star – Dave Hilson 3 goals 2 assists
2nd star – Dennis Waechter 2 goals 2 assists
3rd star – Lance Leader allowing 2 goals on 45 shots

Unofficial games notes

Dober: 1 blocked shot
Chuck the picture hanger: 2 goals 1 assist
Caged center: 1 goal 2 assists
Dave Lindsay: 1 goal
Satoshi Kobayashi: 1 goal
Brent Carlson: 1 goal
Mike Larose: 1 goal
Stu Kimoto: 1 goal

Mike Slaton – missed game due to flu
Ken Takagi – missed game due to flu
Kevin Meehan –sent to farm team in South Africa
Scott McCaskie – knee injury
Jason Young – knee injury
Mark Didcott – undisclosed reasons

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