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Farewell Steven and Koby


 On 26th of October, Tokyo Canadians had a farewell party for Steven Couture, who going back to his home country Toronto Canada, and "Koby" Satoshi Kobayashi, who moving to San Francisco.
Both are the main players of our team, we will be happy to play sometime on the future, good luck boyz!

R&W October


 On October 18th, 2015, the Tokyo Canadians took to the ice again for their 2nd Red & White scrimmage of the season. Due to Bronze Week -- Golden Week's even more distant cousin -- many full-time members could not join the skate. Fortunately, an army of talented guests joined, and TCHC member Daisuke Tomiyama dug up some scouting reports to divide the teams as evenly as he could. So how did Daisuke do?   


White started hotter than this year's Montreal Canadians, with their guest goaltender who allegedly played pro in Estonia. Yes, Estonia. Anyway, a few solid looking saves early on, and two quick goals by White sent Red into a panic. We began crafting our excuses on the bench, muttering words about rebuilding à la Toronto. All that changed when Brendan Madden rifled a slap shot five-hole. White was alive.  

A few moments later White exploded for a 3 goal shift that turned the tide heavily in its favor. This continued until Red\'s Chris Colucci foolishly taunted Daisuke during a center ice face-off about their 3 goal lead. The challenge was set and White responded. That lead ceased to exist 4 minutes later, with a lot of heavy lifting done by Sasaki-san, who we are pretty sure has an built-in engine inside his skates.   



It's important to note that one of White's goals came from defenseman Joel Durkee. On a breakaway. Yup, a defenseman on a breakaway. You can use your imagination to figure out how that one happened.   



White tied the game late and made one final attempt to seal the deal, but Red goaltender Eisuke Shimizu stood tall. The final score was 8 - 8, a sure sign that Daisuke's sword of team division is a fair one.   



Tonight marked Steven Couture's last skate with the Canadians before making a move back to Canada with his wife and baby girl. Good luck, Steven, we wish you all the best! 

Starting new season


 On September 20th, 2015, the Tokyo Canadians hit the ice at Jingu for their first Red & White skate of the 2015-2016 season. Due to Silver Week -- Golden Week's distant cousin -- several team members were out of town, presumably just playing hockey elsewhere. Canadians' center Daisuke Tomiyama pulled some magic and filled in the rosters with some guest talent, including a recent import from Nova Scotia (Steven).

The night was far from exceptional, which is not to say that what normally happens isn't worth writing about. Goaltender Aaron McCain continues to show us his past life of a trapeze artist is still in his veins. Naoto Hamashima, half robot half human, is perhaps the first successful implementation of artificial intelligence on ice. He has a distinct ON and OFF button: ON meaning he can score whenever he wants, and OFF meaning he is still better than the rest of us.

Tonight marked defensemen Tommy Anderson's last skate with the Canadians before making a move down to Japan's warmer waters. Tommy netted a pair of goals during the skate. In typical Anderson fashion, he carried the puck from his own end, danced around the forwards in the neutral zone, and placed a move on the D to put himself in a prime scoring position. Then, in atypical Anderson fashion -- and these are his words, not mine -- he buried it with a wrister in the top right. When asked about his impressions from the night Kevin Holt commented, "[it was great when] Tommy hit someone, or someone hit Tommy.. either way it was enjoyable." You will be missed, Tommy.

Goal of the night went to Satoshi Kobayashi (Koby). Koby skated the puck through the neutral zone down the right side on a 3 on 2, taking the puck wide and nearly toward the goal line. Everyone in the building was expecting a centering pass, including the goalie, who instead felt the puck whizz by his left ear and strike just under the crossbar.

The game's steady pace hopes to be a predictor of the season ahead. When asked about her thoughts on the game, one fan commented, "It was just as cold as I remembered."

Result: White 10 ・ 6 Red

Summer Sales!


Tokyo Canadians Summer Sale

Golf Shirts - ¥2500
 Colors = Red, White, Navy

Hats - ¥1000

Pucks - ¥500

Nagano Jerseys (2014 & 2015) - ¥1500
 Colors = White, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, & Purple

Nagano Goalie Jersey - ¥1500
 Colors = Grey or Green

Hockey Socks - ¥1000
 Cotton Hockey Socks - ¥500

If you would like to buy something please send an email with your order and address, or if you need samples, fell free to contact us

5th annual tournament


  The Tokyo Canadians are hosting their 5th annual hockey tournament in Okaya, Nagano, on Saturday June 27th and Sunday June 28th, 2015. The format for this year’s tournament will be similar to past years, with all participants being divided up to create four evenly-matched teams, who will then play a round-robin format, with each team playing three games on Saturday, and one game on Sunday morning.

On Saturday evening there will be a BBQ for all of the participating players and family / friends attending.

There is chalet / cabin lodging next to the rink for players and their families. There are a limited number of cabins so there is a chance they will not be available. There are other accommodation options in the area.

We request that all players arrive at the ice rink by 8:30am on Saturday for registration, team jersey distribution, lodge assignments and tournament payment.

Date: Saturday, June 27th & Sunday, June 28th
Location: 〒394-0055 Okaya-shi, Nagano-ken, Yamabiko Ice Rink
Cost: Several options below.
A - ¥16,000 (BBQ, Game, & Lodge)
B - ¥12,000 (Game & BBQ)
C - ¥9,000 (Game only)
D - ¥7000 (BBQ & Lodge)
* Depending on the number of participants, these prices may change.

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R&W scrimmage:

Sep 18 (SUN) @ Jingu skate rink 

Feel free to contact us !