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Canadians Contain Seamen in Rubber


With Canada winning the gold against the U.S. at the Olympics in Salt Lake City, and the U.S. recently defeating Canada at the World Juniors in Helsinki, many believed the contest between the Tokyo Canadians and the U.S. Navy team from Atsugi to be the decisive rubber match between the two nations.

The big game attracted the Tokyo Canadians’ largest crowd of the year, with the VIP section of the Yoyogi National Stadium stands packed with enthusiastic fans.

Due to heavy traffic in the Tokyo area, the U.S. goaltender missed the pre-game warm-up. Instead, Tokyo Canadian goalie Todd Bengert started in the net for the Yokohama U.S. Navy Seahawks, while Hiroki Narushima was in net for the Canadians. Bengert felt first hand what it was like to be shelled, facing 16 shots in the opening minutes, before a centering pass out of the corner from Dave Lindsay caromed off his goalie stick and between his legs to open up the scoring. During the action, a rare on-the-fly goalie substitution saw Bengert go back to his Canadians’ bench to allow the American netminder to begin his tour of duty. Little did he know, he would soon feel like he was on Iraqi soil, facing a barrage of incoming.

Fifteen minutes into the game, New York Islander Legend and NHL Hall of Famer, Mike Bossy, left his coaching duties behind the U.S. squad’s bench and came over to the Canadian bench saying "I'm going over to visit my homies!" When Bulldog, a.k.a. 'Loco', mentioned he was from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Mike Bossy told a story about Clark Gilles (who also hailed from Moose Jaw). "When I first met Clarky, I asked him where the hell is Moose Jaw? Then Clarky answers back, "about 3 feet from the Moose's ass!" "

Inspired by Bossy's stories, Stu Kimoto went on to score a double hat trick. Dave Lindsay also netted his second for the night, and had 6 assists. Arron 'Bulldog' Dobrescu had 9 assists (who was counting?) to gain the game’s 1st star selection. Mark Didcott, suffering with a sore back, and an enflamed ankle, kept up his scoring prowess with 4 goals and 3 assists, with linemates Cam Knox and Scott McCaskie each netting a pair.

Meanwhile, linemates Dennis Waechter and 'Koby' Kobayashi helped Bobby 'On the Spot' Chung keep his goal-a-game streak alive at 17. Plus D-men James Heather and Dave Low Talkin' Lotocki both fired scuds past the American keeper. Even with big saves being made at both ends of the ice, the final tally came in at 19-8. Most of the action remained in the American defensive zone, but the freewheeling Americans made several 3-on-1 charges down that ice. Nonetheless, the steady defense of Rob Smaal, Brent 'Killer' Carlson, Dave Lotocki, and Jason 'The Vulture' Young, stymied the Seahawks and allowed the Canadians to defend their dominance in Canada’s national sport.

The outstanding player for the Navy team was their speedy centerman, Drew, who scored a hat trick in his losing cause. After the game, the Canadians met up along Omatesando Dori (Tokyo’s Champs d’Elysees) for much needed liquid refreshments, the consumption of several hundred chicken wings, and to mingle with their fans.

3 Stars picked by Stutercane Productions:

1st star: The Bulldog
2nd star: Mark Didcott
3rd star: Mike Bossy

Red continues dominance over White


Rob "Coach Piquono" Smaal was busy before the game trying to match up lines that finally saw Jason Young being traded to the white team in hopes of some solid defense and his vulture like ability to make his way into the offensive zone, and Bobby "On the Spot" Chung to fill in for some scoring touch around the net for the boys in Red.

After much criticism from Game 1, Team White's Mark “Didler” Didcott, Cam Knox, and Scott McCaskie knew they had to perform to give their squad a chance at tying up the series. And they did just that, combining for an astonishing 9 goals – with 5 for Didler, and 2 a piece for the Hammer and #127 in your hearts, Mr. Chickenman McCaskie.

Earlier in the game, down by 2 goals, it was Chunger who pounced on a loose puck to keep his points per game streak alive at 16. Then it was Chunger's line mate Waechter who scored his first of 3 on a deflection from James Heather's slapshot to tie up the game 2-2. Team White's J-connection of Ogi and Chawanya-san also combined for a goal apiece.

The end-to-end action excited the fans and they also got into the hockey spirit by performing the wave in the crowded VIP section. With the camera focused on the cheering ladies, Dober one-timed a laser beam over the shoulder of keeper Warbinek, to net his first of 2. Team Red also had a pair of goals by Lindsay, Kimoto, and Hiratsuka. Jifi's heads up coaching late in the 3rd period, decided to settle back on D, to help the exhausted pointmen. More brilliant coaching came from “Killer” Carlson, who reminded everyone on the bench that “the boards are our friends”. This all proved superb as the mighty Red team slowed the steam train of Didler, Hammer, and McCaskie.

In the dying minutes, Dober showed why the cameras were focused on him all night, making nifty moves in the corner, and feeding a wide open Kimoto, who in typical Grim Reaper fashion, scored the game winner to give Red a 2 game lead in the best of four series. Team White has a lot of work to do and can only tie up the series. Warbinek, in a losing cause stopped 27 shots, including 3 breakaways, and Narushima inked the victory stopping 22 shots.

In an off ice interview, Satoshi Kobayashi stated, " It is great to play with the Canadian boys...I love it!"

3 stars picked by Stootercane Inc.

1. Mark Didcott - 5 goals 0 assists
2. Dennis Waechter - 3 goals 1 assist
3. Scott McCaskie - 2 goals and 4 assists

Red takes all important Game 1 !!!


The Red and White Classic at Yoyogi on Jan.10th ended in a lop-sided 11-5 victory for the boys in Red. The game opened up in front of a stellar crowd of 6 people, with Ogi beating Warbinek early in the 1st period. The White team had many scoring chances, but Dennis 'just got lucky' Waechter was up the task as he kept Knox and Didcott off the score sheet. With the score 8-3 for the Red team, the goalies switched ends for the 2nd half.

Takaya was able to slide one past a misplay by Waechter to tie the game 1-1 early in the 1st. Team Red's second goal was a rebound pounced on by Kimoto to go up 2-1. Hopkins and Lindsay both added a pair, a Kimoto completed the hat trick late in the game. Kobayashi showed off some nifty moves has he dangled his way into a goal. Hiratsuka, not to left out of the scoring action, added his own from a great pass from Ogi. James 'coast to coast' Heather, back from his tour of the DMZ, and a stint in the Korean organization 'The Geckos', scored on a nice feed from Hopkins.

The man who is number 10 in your program, but number 1 in your heart, Scott McCaskie also rippled the netting twice is a losing cause, and both his wingers, Chung and Hill both added a goal each.

Game 2 is slated for January 17th, at Yoyogi, 8:30 game time. The second of the four game series, will have a different look as the newly energized Jason "I'm training for a triathlon" Young returns back from Hawaii. The Bulldog will also be in fine form, ready for his Global TV debut. You can also count on “Low Talkin' “ Lotocki to help out in the defensive zone for the White team.

Canadians make it official "We got him"


The Tokyo Canadian hockey club made it official over the weekend by announcing the discovery of Kevin Meehan, the former Tokyo Canadian standout that has not been seen on metro area ice in nearly a year.

News of the discovery caused celebrations from Kansai to Canada as finding the elusive ‘Lean Meehan Machine’ was a top priority for the Tokyo club and marks a possible turning point in the team’s success.

Meehan was found by Tokyo Canadian members in the wee hours of Saturday, December 13th slumped over in the fetal position in front of an undisclosed night spot on the outskirts of Tokyo’s Roppongi District. Looking somewhat disheveled, unshaven and seriously disoriented, the Montreal native at first refused to cooperate under light questioning. However, after several hours of romen-induced interrogation, began rambling endlessly about Boeing airplanes, Dublin pubs, the Quebec International Pee Wee Ice Hockey Tournament and the bathroom habits of Guy Carbonneau.

Walking with an obvious limp and said to be carrying a large amount of cash, Meehan was diagnosed with a ‘bout of the gout’ following a light checkup. The injury could force him out of the lineup for the time being but team officials insist he will be ready in time for the team’s Red & White Series at Yoyogi Arena in January.Several witnesses reported seeing Meehan earlier in the evening with a wild haired, tall Caucasian strongly resembling the profile of former Tokyo Canadian Dave Hilson. The Owen Sound, Ontario native and one-time strong man for the
Canadians hasn’t been seen on blades since 2001. A half-ass search of the area turned
up nothing. Hilson remains at large.

Canadians add to arsenal


The Canadians added some new firepower to their lineup for the 2003-04 season with the additions of Ken ‘One Chug’ Takagi, Scott ‘Jay’ Lackey, Kazunori (No nickname at press time) Yamamoto, and Aaron ‘Bulldog’ Dobrescu.

Both Lackey and Dobrescu made their Canadian debuts in the unforgettable Kimchee Cup in Seoul, Korea in July of 2003. Lackey recorded some key goals and assists on the wing and blue line while ‘The Bulldog’ registered some serious laughs both on and off the ice. Dobrescu, who hails from - if I can read the card here - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, brings a level of comedy to the team not seen since the departure of Canadian d-man Gavin ‘Second Degree’ Burns.

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