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2005 Red and White Classic


Stars lined up for Hiratsuka

The annual Red and White Classic was held Thursday night at Yoyogi’s National Arena, seeing the White team skate to victory. As always, with some controversy. With no time on the game clock and the end boards open for the Zamboni, Mike LaRose went behind netminder Lyle Warbinek and stuffed the puck into the net with a nifty wrap around. “It looked like the game was over and the goalie made no attempt to stop the puck,” a spectator commented after the game. “Everyone thought the game had ended!”

The game itself was an offensive battle, with a combined goal count of 27. If Denton “the Milkman” Venable was in the stands (he showed up with 20 minutes left in the 3rd frame), he would have definitely been shouting obscenities to the goalies for their defensive mental breakdowns. Waechter for his five-hole as big as Texas, and Warbinek for his frantic flopping style.

The game opened up with James Heather firing a slapshot through Waechter, allowing Red the first goal. It is not clear as to how Joji Hiratsuka got ‘up’ for the game, but he was definitely the player to keep an eye on, as he had "control" he has not seen since his thirties. Hiratsuka’s crafty moves enabled him to almost get the double hat-trick, leaving him a career high of 5 goals and 3 assists during a TCHC outing.

3 STARS (picked by Stutercane Productions):
Joji Hiratsuka 5 goals and 3 assists
Mike LaRose 3 goals and 3 assists
J.O. Caron 2 goals and 2 assists

Un-official Box Score:
Hiratsuka (R) 5 goals 3 assists
Larose (W) 3 goals 3 assists
Kobayashi (R) 2 goals 3 assists
Lindsay (W) 2 goals 3 assists
Knox (R) 1 goal 4 assists
Kimoto (R) 2 goals 2 assists
Meehan (W) 2 goals 2 assists
May (W) 2 goals 2 assists
Caron (W) 2 goals 2 assists
Heather (R) 1 goal 2 assists
Morris (R) 2 goals 2 assists
Takagi (W) 1 goal 2 assists
Chawanya (W) 1 goal 2 assists
Young (W) 1 goal 2 assists

Injury and attendance update:
Mike Slaton – inflamed throat (day-to-day)
Scott McCaskie – undisclosed lower body injury (day-to-day)
Arron Dobrescu – lost freedom (till death do they part)
Dave Lotocki – unavailable
Mike Rublack – Flu (day-to-day)
Ogi – MIA
Brent Carlson – work
Dave Hilson - he always says he will be there – so no one really knows for sure
Mark Didcott – knee, shoulder, big toe, elbow, skin rash



Gold in Nagano


The Tokyo Canadians braved holliday weekend traffic in order to participate in a 3-day mini-tournament in Nagano. This was the second year in a row that the Tokyo Canadians have sent a team to participate in the summer outing. The weekend included a couple of ice times each day, a barbeque each evening, log cabin lodging next to rink, lots of fresh air, plus time to explore the neighboring parks and athletic facilites that were originally constructed for the 1998 Nagano Olympics. The boys made an easy time of it on the ice, but found that the bobsled run and the miniature golf course offered some real challenges.

Founding member and speedy Tokyo Canadian, Eddie T


Propaganda, Tokyo

It has been almost 9 years since Hidekazu "Eddie" Takaya first donned his Tokyo Canadians Jersey for the Inaugural Tournament in Ikaho.

A founding member of the team, Eddie has been a force on and off the ice for all of those 9 years. His play exemplifies the postition "Power Forward" with a booming shot, a touch around the net, streaking speed, matched with a mean streak that kept the opposition honest. Off the ice in his various executive roles, he helped build the team to what it is today. As a teammate he was always quick to laugh, an easy going all around fun guy.

Unfortunately for the team, good things come to an end and after 9 years with the club, Eddie, his wife Yuko and daughter Erin are heading back to Canada to live in Cambridge, Ontario.

Best of luck to Eddie, our teammate and our friend. You'll be back!

Warbinek stymies Chung to stop streak in Game 4


The finale in the classic Red and White match up at Yoyogi's National Stadium was not the great game it was hyped up to be. With a final score of 13 - 6 in favor of the boys in Red, hot tempers seemed to boil over, in what should have been a friendly match up of buddies lacing them up for bragging rights. In one particular case, Brent “Killer” Carlson whipped his stick at Bobby Chung, who appeared to be going in for a break away. In Carlson’s defense, he was simply trying to stop play as a result of James Heather's slow return to his feet, following a hard check by Austrian star, Dieter. A separate incident saw Stu Kimoto retaliate a high sticking crosscheck to the head from friend Rob Smaal, who blankly stated "Don't stand in front of the net!". All knowing how to play the game, and understanding the standard rule of thumb, "What goes on the ice, stays on the ice", both teams exchanged pleasantries, and beers, at the local tavern in Harajuku after the game ended.

Meanwhile, back on the ice, Bobby Chung had his 16 game goal-a-game streak snapped by the floundering saves of Lyle Warbinek. Warbinek stepped up (actually layed down and flapped his legs and arms around) in the dying minutes of the game, to rob Chung’s most aggressive scoring chances. Although Warbinek stopped Chung, he was not up to the task when Jason Young swooped in on him for a hat-trick, as well as Dave Lindsay who added a hat-trick of his own. A late draft selection, Shane Carlson, called up from the Vancouver farm team, notch his own three goals in the losing cause for White team. Sean Hopkins, Stu Kimoto, and Arron Dobrescu all added 2 each for the Red team. Joji Hiratsuka tallied a goal for Red, and Ned 'Koto' Negative and Cam Knox slid goals past Red's goalkeeper Hiroki Narushima.

Games 3 stars selected by R.L. Stutercane Productions:

1st star: Jason Young - 3 goals, 4 assists
2nd star: Dave Lindsay - 3 goals, 3 assists
3rd star: Hiroki Narushima - 27 saves

After four games of Red and White match ups: Red 3 - White 1.

White-out in Game 3


In a game of controversy, Rob Smaal opened up the scoring in what some thought was an offside. But since there was no whistle, play continued and Smaaly tallied the first goal for Team White. Deiter, who came to the White team in waivers, made a huge impact scoring three times on goalie Dennis Waechter. High flying McCaskie was on top of his game finding the net five times and Chawanya also added a pair for the winning team. Mark "Mr. Band-aid" Didcott was held scoreless in this matchup.

Red Team's veteran winger Joji Hiratsuka scored his 53rd career hat trick in a losing cause. Dave Lindsay, Sean Hopkins and Satoshi Kobayashi all scored twice on rookie goaltender Straka. Final score: White 10 Red 9.

Rotoworld update:

Red Team:

Dennis Waechter: Waechter has reported to the team doctor siting soreness in his groin and knees. You can take what ever you want out of that. De-activate him for the coming weekend.

Arron Dobrescu: After tallying 9 assists in his last game, expect the Bulldog to come out flying in game 4. "We're not servin' it!"

Stu Kimoto: Toronto Star reports Kimoto will be in the lineup for Saturday's matchup against the White Team. Activate him now!

Hiroki Narushima: The Red team has confirmed he will be starting in net.

Joji Hiratsuka: After scoring his 53rd career hat trick, look for more great things from the Jif!!

Dave Lindsay: Team doctor reports Lindsay has been feeling sick since his trip up north. Stay tuned for more news regarding the hard working right winger.

White Team:

Cam Knox: Suffering from the flu this past week but has confirmed his status for the weekend. If you don't have him in your fantasy pool...get him!

Mark Didcott: Time will tell if the Didler will be suited up for action for Saturday. His knee, back, elbow or shoulder could keep the 40+ year old from making a difference in the game. Stay tuned for another updated injury report.

Shane Carlson: Called up from the Powell River farm team to replace Low Talkin' Lotocki. He is a big player with good moves and soft hands.

Scott McCaskie: #1 in your hearts...enough said.

Lyle Warbinek: Lyle plans to bring his A game in the final match.

Jason Young: After a relaxing week, feeling healthy, Young will be ready to play Saturday.

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