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TCHC name new Executive Board


Legend’s Sports Bar, Roppongi -- The TCHC held their AGM on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008 at the team’s favourite watering hole in The Pong.

Outgoing Prez Mike Slaton summed up the 2007-08 year. Slates ran through last year’s tournament record (not good), but, on a more positive note, he talked about the success of our fund-raising parties. Treasurer Chris Antonelli gave the financial rundown, revealing that the team was in good shape at the moment.

In other business, it was decided that with the departure of long-time stalwarts like Stu Kimoto, Jason Young and smooth-skating D-men Chad Horsman and Mike Doris, three roster spots would be opened up. It was also noted that a few guys would be dropped from the team for inactivity and/or because they still had not paid their dues from last year.

Voting on new members will likely take place over the Internet with a list being circulated of potential candidates, so stay tuned for that.

In the most important business of the day, a new (sort of) executive committee was elected. In a desperate grab for power, the Diddler ran for nearly every position available, only to pitch a perfect shutout. The Colonel Kurtz look-alike put in a Joe Clark-like performance at the polls, but that's what you get for leaving severed heads in your front yard.

The 2008-09 TCHC Executive Committee:
President: Mike Slaton
Vice President: Dave Lotocki
Treasurer: Chris Antonelli
Domestic Communications: Rob Smaal
International Communications: Joji Hiratsuka
Website Administrators: Ken Takagi, J.O. Caron
Party Co-ordinator: Satoshi Kobayashi

Many thanks were offered for the job done by the 2007-08 Exec and all look forward to a prosperous 2008-09 campaign, both on and off the ice.

Finally, a moment of silence was observed to mark the passing of legendary player-coach Reggie Dunlop.

Toyko Canadians Skate into 2008-09 Season


Sendagaya, Tokyo -- No, that was not the boys spilling their blood last night. Those red streaks across the frozen tundra at Jingu were actually a result of the rust coming off the old blades as the semi-annual East-West TCHC Red-White Classic reared its ugly head once again.

With Prez Mike Slaton furiously working the phone lines and keyboard, a solid turnout was guaranteed. This game resembled more of an oldtimers contest with wily veterans like Meehan, Dober, McCaskie, Diddler, Killer and smooth-skating defenseman/fan favorite Rob Smaal lending an air of class to the event.

The Eastern crew saw the reuniting of the famed DFC (Dueling Frog Combo) line, featuring pesky stickman JO and his trusty sidekick and new papa RopponGuy. Also back together for the Eastern redmen were old linemates Brian May and Chuck "Suitcase" Vincent, who recently returned to Tokyo after a stint in LA doing ... well, who really knows what the hell that guy does. (Anyone out there really believe that story about the picture frame hangers? CIA operative more like it ...)

After experiencing a tough week --- to put it mildly --- on the trading floor, Chris "The Cat" Antonelli came up with a huge night in goal for the Western whiteys, backstopping the Left-Coasters to a thrilling 10-7 win. The Red menace managed to score a couple of late goals to make it close, but White would not be denied on this night. Anto came up with several stellar saves all evening ... Smaaly nearly pulled a groin just watching him make one scintillating kick save.

Youngster Naoki carried the load offensively for the West, using his speed and puckhandling skills to dance through the Red D for several highlight-reel goals. Meehan, once again, carried the load for the East as the big man from Quebec looked to be hauling about 130 kgs of poutine-fueled gut around all night. The defibrillator and oxygen mask were on constant stand-by. Other goal-scorers were Diddler with a pair, showing flashes of the form that saw him play pro briefly in the 1960s, and the DFC line hooked up for a few. Dober emerged from the depths of suburbia to get back on the scoresheet and May, as usual, had another solid two-way game and rippled the mesh in a losing cause.

All-in-all, it was a great turnout and a fun night, hopefully the first of many this season. Even Kenny made an appearance, so those of you unloud types who stayed home to nurse hangovers --- and you know who you are --- get yer arse off the couch next time and come out for a skate.

In other team bizniss, the annual AGM is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 28, at Legends, puck drops at 3 pm. Voting for a new exec will take place and team merchandise will be dispensed. Bring cash for merchandise, annual dues, outstanding party tickets, etc., if it so applies to you. We will also be deciding on new members to replace outgoing guys like Mike Doris and Chad and guys who did not pay their 2007 dues and/or haven't shown up for any events.

Toyko Canadians 2007-08 Season Review


As the summer heats up, the hockey season is winding down. This past season has seen a dramatic change in the dynamics of the team with new members joining and a few of the veterans hanging up the blades and moving out of Japan. Not only are some players moving on new adventures, but they have also been busy with the next generation of Tokyo Canadians.

Fund Raisers and On Ice Events

The season kicked off with the annual running of the Terry Fox Foundation fundraiser 5k and 10k run/walk in September, 2007. The team managed to have five runners and three walkers. A great showing with the Tokyo Canadians donating 270,000 yen to the Terry Fox Foundation. The weather made the run a supurb day with President Slaton and part-time Canadian Kody legging out great 10k times and Stu Kimoto coming in at a brisk 21 mins for the 5k group.

In February, 2008 the team hosted its biannual Dance Party fund raiser at Flower in Roppongi. These events go a long way to help support the team and its various charities both here in Tokyo and overseas. See Charity Support for more details about the charities supported by the Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club and Parties & Fundraisers for more details about the next party.

As for the actual hockey season, this past year was more about rebuilding as the TCHC dropped their ranking in the international standings. After claiming two tournament victories in the pervious year, 2007-08 saw the club only play in two tournaments. The first was in Bangkok, where the Canadians failed to reach the playoffs and the second was in Singapore where team lost out of the medal round. Singapore almost turned out to be a bigger disaster than originally thought, not just missing the finals, as there was a scare when Mark Didcott temporarily lost his hearing after taking a puck to his melon.

The TCHC went to another tournament in the Himalayas but it was cancelled due to too much snow on the runways in the mountains of India. Although there were no games, the boys (and girl) had fun seeing the sites of New Delhi and cleaning monkey poo off their shoes.

Off Ice

On December 15th, 2007, Stu and Angie Kimoto were married in Okinawa, on May 5th, 2008, Jimmer and Naomi Heather were hitched in a traditional Japanese ceremony and on May 31st the McCaskies wowed everyone with their soiree at the New Sanno Hotel and at the seductive pole dancing venue.

Koby slyly offered his hand in marriage to long time girl Ume. Does anyone have any side bets on who is next? Mikey T? Anto? Chuck? How about Ogi?

Let's look who has lit the lamp in the past year. Arron Bulldog Dobrescu and his wife Maki welcomed their baby girl, Acaisha, in mid-December, 2007, Kevin and Yumiko Meehan welcomed daughter Chiyono on December 30, 2007. Stu and Angelina Kimoto flew off to Colombia to have Isabella on April 29, 2008.

Not to be outdone, Scotty and Kanako McCaskie will become parents in October, Smaaly and Yo in November, President Slaton and 1st lady Ramala as well as Patrick and Miki Morris in December, 2008. Congratulations and good luck!

Some other notable news:
President Slaton finished his 1st marathon.
The team accepted new sponsorship from Walton Group International.
Lek, the Tokyo Canadians adopted daughter in Bangkok, continues to be supported by the club (e.g., housing and school tuition).
Jason Young organized the Seeing is Believing fund raising poker tournament.

10-4 Good Buddy!


As a Monday morning quarterback can attest, it is much easier to analyze the game the day after the fact. Before separating the two teams based on who the defencemen were, maybe a better situation might have been dividing up teams based on who was at the all-you-can-eat bonenkai the night before. As the team met in Omotesando the night before for a feasting on red meat and all-you-can-drink, the lasting effects could have and may have been the deciding factor before the game even started. Nine out of the eleven members of Red feasted the night before, whereas, only six of the twelve for White took part in the annual feed. Still, the final Red-White game for 2006 was full of thrills and spills...but mostly spills.

An offensive attack by White lit up the back of the Red net like a Christmas tree as White downed Red by a score of 10-4.

With trade talks coming to an end at the opening face-off White came out skating and put pressure on the solid D line up of Young, Heather, Takagi and Horsman. Veterans May and Didcott passed the puck nicely in the White zone and it wasn’t long before Didcott fired his first of many past a cold and shaky Warbinek early in the contest. Didler looked to be back in pre-Bangkok form as scored his first hat-trick since the Reagan administration. White continued their assault popping in three more before Lindsay tallied for Red, on a smooth feed from Knox.

Brian May was set up by Harrison and Vincent for his first of two and to force goaltenders to switch ends in hope of a more balanced game. This proved to be the case as Red continued to rally when Meehan and Kobayashi started to hit their stride. Within a few minutes of the goalie swap, White saw its lead dwindle to 7-4.

Thirty minutes into the game, Warbinek finally warmed up and stopped a barrage of shots from Red and brought the White bench to their feet when he made a great save by placing the blocker in front of a Horsman shot from the slot and sending the puck into the corner. Warbinek also stopped Knox and Baxter on separate breakaways. But with failed attempts by Red, White’s defense of Antonelli, Holt, Carlson and Smaal were able to clear the puck out of their zone and then send in many odd man rushes against White tiring defense. At the other end, Wonderkid Tastumoto was injured mid way through the 2nd, going down awkward and twisting his knee, but in true hockey form (back in the 80s and 90s) stayed in the game. Stay tuned for more information on what they are calling a lower body injury.

Already down by several goals, a dejected Team Red could only watch in disbelief as even veteran D-man Rob Smaal made his way into the crease and popped in a goal. Red fought back several times, only to see Didcott score on just about everything that he directed within meters of the net, and May hammering home everything that Diddler missed.

Guy Roberge continued his point streak to 6 games and blueliner Brent Carlson added one with beautiful tic-tac-toe passing along with May and Kimoto. Frank Harrison, called up from the minors earlier in the year and playing along side Chuck Vincent (who recently had a wooden leg replacement), added one each.

Game notes:
Dave Lindsay accounted for 50% of Red's scoring production, with 2 goals.
Tatusmoto was feeling the Christmas spirit giving White gift after gift of openings for easy scoring chances. Later Wonderkid was reported to have a strained knee. Dennis Waecther, also suffering from various injuries and the TCHC goalie manager will have to keep an eye on Tatsu’s status.
Mike Slaton has missed every game of the 2006-2007 season so far. Slaton was seen at the rink two weeks ago but did not skate in the game. A lower equipment problem has hindered this sniper since October.
Scott MCackie will visit a specialist in Vancouver this month to determine if he is fit to return to the TCHC lineup. When McCaskie is healthy he has known to have a scoring touch so stay tuned for more word on this journeyman center.
Arron Dobrescu was a last minute scratch due to an illness.

Game Stars:
1st Star – Mark Didcott – 3 goals and 2 assists
2nd Star – Brian May – 2 goals and 3 assists
3rd star – Guy Roberge – 2 goals 2 assists

Warbinek and Antonelli Stun Red


Before the puck was dropped Sunday night for the TCHC’s monthly scrimmage, it appeared White was finished before the game started. That is only if the game was to be played on paper. However, this game was played at Jingu Arena that saw a team of blue collared hockey players in White out playing the larger, more skilled men in Red.

In net for White, Lyle Warbinek, who got his 2nd start in 3 weeks and tending goal for Red, Dennis Waechter. Waechter coming off a victory Friday night versus the Monsters faced a borage of shots in the opening minutes as White’s forwards fore-checked Red’s defence, causing a few errant passes to picked off in the high slot, but Waechter was up to the challenge in the early going.

At the other end of the ice, Warbinek’s flopping, kicking and sometimes guessing playing style seemed to be working as he stopped a blast from Chuck Vincent from the right hash marks. Brian May, Vincent and Michael Baxter had many scoring chances but Warbinek was up the task making miraculous save after save. The stellar play of White’s D-men, Carlson, Yama and rookie Anthony made many clearing plays giving Warbinek time to get up and be in position for the next barrage of shots. Warbinek carded his first ever shut out, playing 45 minutes and blocking 34 shots.

Chris Antonelli (AKA The Cat), ex-goalie now turned power forward, must have taken a page out of Slaton’s playbook, as he pounced on a rebound, labeling the top corner over Waechter glove side. Antonelli’s wingmen, Kimoto and Chawanya were able to force turnovers that allowed the Cat to capture his first career 4 goal game. Chawanya (49 years of age) netted his 759th career goal and Kimoto added 2 of his own.

The French Connection of JO Caron and Guy Roberge, along with red-hot Ogiso tallied 4 goals as well, 2 from Ogi and 1 a piece from Caron and Roberge.

It wasn’t until the 5 minute mark in the 3rd period when Red finally got on the board. A good play by Chuck Vincent, and a lucky bounce saw him pick up his own rebound and score on the netminder “Sauve”. After a remark on the age of two skilled veterans from Antonelli, Brian May carried the puck into the White zone and found a wide open Vincent you rippled the mesh for his second of the night. The final score White 11 Red 2.

With only a few weeks before the TCHC departs for the World Hockey 5’s in Kuala Lumpur, Ogiso and Anotnelli look to be in top form. Ogiso has had 4 goals and 9 points in the last 2 games and Antonelli had 7 points last night.

3 Stars (picked by Stutercane Productions)

1st Star – Lyle Warbinek –0 goals on 34 shots. (1st career shut out)

2nd Star – Chris Antonelli – 4 goals and 3 assists

3rd Star – Ogiso – 2 goals and 2 assists

Game notes:

A combined total of 28 shots missed the net for Red.

Rotoworld Update:

Mike Slaton, who has been MIA for the past 2 games was seen at JO Caron’s fashion show, trying to pick up on the latest styles in funky wear.

Mike Treytiak missed the game to due to an undisclosed hair problem.

Rob Smaal has missed 3 games to other commitments, but it has been reported he might be retiring from hockey and trying to organize a bowling team. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Cam Knox, preparing for the World Hockey 5’s in KL, went back to his roots and where it all began and has been seen lacing up the skates in the Comox Valley.

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