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Saturday Night Hockey


On Saturday, Jan. 30th, the Tokyo Canadians had a friendly match against Ome Club, a team that competes in Tokyo's Super League.

Ome Club arrived en masse, with more than 3 lines of players. The Canadians modestly took to the ice with 9. Before the match, the Ome Club captain asked if we were 'ok' on player numbers. The question itself was a nice gesture, but there was an underlying tone of skepticism about our 9 versus their 17. While it was true their leg count nearly doubled ours, they did not factor in spirit. The puck dropped just before 11pm.


The ensuing hockey game was a good one. Both clubs did not give the other much room, goals were traded back and forth, and while there was a slight edge to the game, the play was clean.

Reno DePaoli scored 2 goals for the Canadians, while Paul Dupuis and Satoshi Chawanya added a goal each. Chaw's goal came from a beautiful wrister inside the right circle over the keeper's shoulder and just under the crossbar. The bulk of the TCHC's goals came from Naoto Hamashima, who put up 4 beautiful tallies.

If you're following along with your abacus, that's 8 goals. We counted Ome Club as scoring 7 themselves. There is often two versions of every story, but you'll have to check their website for theirs. Listed there may also be alternative high sticking and icing rules.

All in all it was a great game and while 9 vs 17 is not quite like 300 vs Xerxes' army, it did leave us feeling pretty good on a Saturday night.

R&W January


On 17 January 2016, Tokyo Canadians had a first R&W scrimmage of 2016.

We had over 30 skaters including some alumnis and guests, 


White wins 6-2.

R&W scrimmage December


On Sunday, December 20th, the Tokyo Canadians skated in their final Red & White scrimmage of 2015.


With several members out of town over the holidays, a number of friends of the Canadians joined as guests.

Team Red jumped out to an early lead and received solid goaltending from Takeshi Tatsumoto. Team White also received solid goaltending from keeper Aaron McCain. At one point he made a dazzling windmill save à la Cirque du Soleil. Unfortunately he slingshot the puck into the net during his dismount.

The evening\'s Over-Achiever Award goes to White\'s center Daisuke Tomiyama. Daisuke back checked hard to help break up an odd-man rush and slid face first to block a pass headed across the slot. An admirable move. As he dove, however, his head was facing the pass. An un-calculated move. He was rewarded with a puck to the face. A scary moment indeed, but as Daisuke is a tough fellow, he just shook it off without stopping play.

The most controversial moment of the night was when a Red forward fired an accurate lazer from the slot. The puck cleanly beat the goalie and ricocheted off several pipes before popping back out. The question that still remains in the minds and hearts of all those present: was it a goal? Jingu\'s wifi was down, so communication with the War Room in Toronto was interrupted. We called it a good goal and moved on.

With Christmas around the corner and the year winding down, everyone on the ice was in high spirits. The atmosphere became even more jolly -- comical actually -- when a Red defenseman was skating back over his blue line being pressured from White and scored a beautiful goal on his own net! Next practice will feature mandatory spatial orientation drills.

In the beginning of the night there was an honest effort to keep score, and the last stone etchings reveal Red was up 6-4 on White. There were no fewer than a dozen or so goals scored after that, so in the spirit of the season let\'s just say it was a draw.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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Friendly Game vs Maverick


  On Sunday, November 15th, the Tokyo Canadians played a friendly match against team Mavericks of the Kanagawa Ice Hockey League.

The Canadians watched the Mavericks take the ice with their captain holding a hockey whiteboard. Either this team took themselves way too seriously, or they were ready for a battle that involved written on-the-fly tactics. At the drop of the puck we learned the latter was closer to the truth. They brought a fast and young team who ate their Wheaties that morning. They were on the board early and often and built up a 3 goal lead, which we all know is the most dangerous lead in hockey.

The Canadians began the game with 5 defensemen, and 2 centers alternating between three sets of wingers. Midway through the first period, defensemen Joel Durkee showed up triumphantly to the bench. He brought with him a skill set that of a natural defensemen, a 17 meter long stick, and one glove. Fortunately, the Tokyo Canadians have each others\\\\\\\' backs (and hands). For the rest of the game, the defense continued to rotate 5 bodies and 9 gloves.

The pace was quick, the play was clean, and goals were traded back and forth. Eventually the Canadians erased the deficit with goals from Daisuke Tomiyama, Naoto Hamashima, Kent van Langen, Chris Colucci, and Kevin Holt. Kevin Holt\\\\\\\'s goals (yes, plural!) were particularly notable, not because he is a defensemen, and not because he wore a Montréal Canadians jersey despite being a Rangers fan, but rather because it is Kevin. To you, Kevin, our hat is tipped.

In the end both teams skated to a well-fought 7-7 draw. Not enough of a fight though that we couldn\\\\\\\'t assemble after the game for a group photo. The Tokyo Canadians are looking forward to another friendly match in the near future. Thank you, Mavericks.

20th Aniversary


"Tokyo Canadians 20th Anniversary Party"

The Tokyo Canadians are going to have their 20th anniversary party on Friday November 13th at New Lex Tokyo.This year, we will raffle some prizes, and the party is going to be a 3 hour all you can drink.

A portion of the money raised will be donated to the Mercy Center in Thailand (

Tickets will be required to enter the party, so contact us to get yours before they sell out.

・Date & Time : November 13th (FRI) 19:45 – 22:45 

・Ticket : ¥4,000- per person, all you can drink.

・Location : New Lex Tokyo (

〒106-0032 港区六本木5-5-1ロアビルB1F

・DJs & More: 

Raffle(TCHC goods, bottles, fitness classes etc)


See you there!




過去に支援してきた女の子は、無事にアメリカの大学に奨学金で進学することが出来たので、現在は別の子どもたちをサポートしています(Mercy Center in

世界中の色々な人たちと楽しく交流してみませんか! ぜひお友達、同僚の皆様と奮ってご参加ください!!! 尚、チケット制となっておりますので、チケットが必要な方は早めに枚数をお伝えください。また、当日どうしても急に行きたいという方がいらっしゃればご相談ください。お酒だけではなく、ソフトドリンクもご用意しています。


See you all at the party!


▼開催日: 2015年11月13日(金)

▼場所: New Lex Tokyo (

   〒106-0032 港区六本木5-5-1ロアビルB1F


▼アクセス:地下鉄日比谷線六本木駅 徒歩2分


▼料金: 4,000円(3時間飲み放題)






▼寄付先:タイ・バンコク、 Mercy Center in Thailand


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R&W scrimmage:

Sep 18 (SUN) @ Jingu skate rink 

Feel free to contact us !