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Charity Tournament at Shin-Yokohama

2011-09-10 2011-09-10

The Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club and The "Smile and Dream"  will hold a charity tournament at Shin-Yokohama on September 10th, 2011. Below is the statement released by TCHC and the "Smile and Dream";

A Junior Hockey teams’ Home Ice in Ishinomaki was Severely damaged by the devastating Tohoku
Earthquake and Tsunami.
Tragically, most of the players lost family and/or Friends. The children continue to live in the area surrounded by the constant and stressful reminders of that tragic day.
Our goal for the event is to give these kids an opportunity to get away for a weekend to play the sport they love with their teammates. Hopefully the tournament will not only re-ignite their spirit and camaraderie, but inspire the players to continue to follow their dreams and to continue playing hockey.
At the same time, we will raise funds to donate directly to the rink to help all the local teams get back on the Ice.

Statement (in Japanese) released by the "Smile and" can be found here


Tokyo Canadians Nagano Tourney

2011-07-02 2011-07-03


1st Annual Tokyo Canadians Invitational @ Nagano

Hockey Season is over, and it is the time for off-season training (for those who still believe they can get back on shape with 6-pack abs) and pick-up hockey (a.k.a Beer League). We would like to invite each of you to the “1st Annual Tokyo Canadians Invitational”, which would be held at Nagano. We are also planning to hold a BBQ party on Saturday night.


- Date
July 2nd (Sat) 11:00 ~ July 3rd (Sun) 16:00

* The detailed schedule would be provided by the end of the month




- Tournament

Preliminary Round (July 2nd): 4-team Round-Robin… 25min * 2 periods (running-time)

Game 1  (10:15~)

  Team A   vs   Team B

Game 2  (11:30~)

  Team C   vs   Team D

Game 3  (12:45~)

  Team A   vs   Team C

Game 4  (14:00~)

  Team B   vs   Team D

Game 5  (17:45~)

  Team A   vs   Team D

Game 6  (19:00~)

  Team B   vs   Team C


Playoff Round (July 3rd): Final and Bronze game… 25min * 3 periods (running-time)

Game 7  (10:15~)

Bronze Medal

Game 8  (12:00~)




- Rules

Preliminary Round: 3 min warm-up & 25min * 2 periods (running-time)


Playoff Round    : 3 min warm-up & 25min * 3 periods (running-time)  

* The Intervals between periods would be 2 minutes for all games

* Each team can take 30 seconds timeout per game

* NO overtime for the Preliminary Round games

* FINAL GAME ONLY: We will stop the clock the last 2 min if the score is within 2 goals

* FINAL and BRONZE GAMES ONLY: Shootout after the 3rd period if the score is tied

       => 3 players from each team, then go to sudden-death

                        => for sudden-death, each player can only go once




Ranking after the Preliminary Round would be decided as following orders;

a. Most Points (2 points for a win, 1 for a tie)

b. Most Wins

c. Head to head record

d. Least Goals against

* … after that, we will decide at BBQ party



- Penalties

2 minutes for minor penalty

5 minutes and game misconduct for major penalty

* unless you fight, or do something REALLY stupid, there is no major penalty



- Icing

The team who committed icing is not allowed to change



- Officials

    Non-playing team will provide one player as officials



- Teams

            A. Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club

            B. TBD

            C. TBD

            D. TBD


- Entrance Fee

\TBD per team?3 * 1hour games + 1 * hour and half game?BBQ?T-shirt? 


- Hotels

We would arrange the hotels, but individuals are responsible for the payment

(A taxi from the hotel to the rink would cost around 1000 yen)



- Office Activity

We hold BBQ around the rink after the last game on Saturday

Updates on the Tohoku Volunteering

2011-04-10 2011-04-10

It has been a month since the earth quake and tsunami hit the northern part of Japan.

So far, Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club members have made 3 trips to Tohoku area for the volunteering.

Some areas visited include Ishinomaki, Tagajo, and Watari-cho.


We will be updating more photos from the trip to the gallary page.

TCHC Volunteer to Tohoku

2011-03-26 2011-03-27

Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club made the 1st trip to Tohoku area after the earth quake.


details can be found here

TCHC visits the Thai Embassy

2010-11-26 2010-11-26

A  number of our teammates attended a function sponsored by his Honor the Ambassador of Thailand and his wife, to introduce the work of FatherJoe Maier in Thailand, the Human Development Foundation. We had the opportunity to present a team jersey to Father Joe and to make an additional donation above our normal sponsorship

For some of the guys, , it was the first opportunity  to meet Father Joe and to see first hand what the HDF was about. 

The Human Development Foundation is basically an institution that provides education, housing, medical care counselling to the poor in Thailand.  Though concentrating on children in need the Center provides help to the needy regardless.  But the focus is education which in essence builds a foundation for the children to have a chance to live more fulfilling lives. 

The annual autumn Ice Hockey tournament in Thailand in its various forms,  has always had a close affiliation with the HDF with proceeds from the tournament going to the HDF as sponsorship for the children and to support the activities of the HDF in general. 

The Tokyo Canadians Hockey Club has been a participant in the tournament since 1998 and each year we have been donating to the HDF, through direct donation from our team funds.    It was suggested by Brent Carlson that to have some continuity and a more personal  connection to the HDF that we sponsor a child directly as a team and in 2007 we began our sponsorship of Lek. 

Lek at the time was a teenage girl like any other,  who given the opportunity has shown that her talents and effort were such that she has been awarded a chance to study overseas in Norway.  We as a team should be proud that we had a least a small part in providing this opportunity, and we should be thankful that we were given the opportunity to do so.   

For the new members of the team, I think the reception was an opportunity to see first hand what our fundraising efforts have achieved.  I think the new members should be aware of the traditions of our team such as our charity activities.   We should be aware of the efforts of Jimmer (James Heather) who makes it a point to visit the HDF when in Thailand, to see Lek as does Rob Voisine one of our non-Tokyo based players.   Others such as alumni Jason Young have sponsored their own child at the center.  We have, when down for tournaments, taken a bunch of the kids out, to movies, go-karting, and other stuff and really its part of what we should be doing as a team.   

When Bobby Chung saw the news about the troubles in Bangkok in the spring, he got together colleagues and teammates to make a donation to help out at the HDF.  This in part because as a team, we are no longer strangers to what happens there because of our connection to the HDF.   And Bobby stepped up and got people to open up and help.   

And as those who attended the reception will know, our presence as the Tokyo Canadians at the last tournament was missed, not by the other teams, but some of the kids, Lek for one, came out to the rink to see us.   

Sure we are an uber beer-league, rag-tag collection of players. who are brought together by our passion for the game of hockey, but through our activities off the ice we can make a difference as a team.  So whenever we're pressed to sell tickets, or showing up for an event like the Run for Hope, remember this is what we are about.  The hockey is a bonus. 

Special thanks to the Ambassador of Thailand and his lovely wife, who actually are hockey fans from their days in Canada, for hosting the event..  Thanks to Tom Crowley who kept us in the loop for the reception,  Thanks to Nitaya, Usanee and others who helps arrange our visits to the HDF in Thailand.   

And of course thanks to Father Joe. 

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R&W scrimmage:

Sep 18 (SUN) @ Jingu skate rink 

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