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Hong Kong 5's hockey tournament

2014-05-06 2014-05-10

 A group of Tokyo Canadians played Hong Kong 5's hockey tournament.

Thailand over 35 Hockey tournament

2014-03-27 2014-03-30

 The Tokyo Canadians H.C. played in the Thailand over 35 Hockey tournament March 27-30. There were over 20 teams from around the world.

The Canadians played games against teams from Bangkok, Hong Kong, Finland, Switzerland, and Kuala Lumpur

The Canadians finished Tier 1 Rec Finalists 2014 with an overall ranking of 4th out of 20 teams.

Overall Record 2-1-2

Traveling to North Korea

2014-03-22 2014-03-23

 The Tokyo Canadians H.C. travelled to North Korea to have a game with their national team.

R&W in Nikko

2014-02-08 2014-02-09

The Tokyo Canadians H.C. travelled to Nikko for a hockey game and to watch the NikkĊ Ice Bucks vs Korea High 1 game.

Edogawa Cup 2014

2014-01-21 2014-04-26


 The Tokyo Canadians H.C. played the first game of The Edogawa Cup tournament on Saturday, January 25.



Last year the Canadians finished the tournament with a perfect record, and the Canadians are looking to repeat this year!!!








 The Canadians were tied 4-4 at the end of the second period. The team manged scored 4 goals in the third, and The Canadians won 8-4.






 Sunday, April 13, the Tokyo Canadians have the 2nd game of the Edogawa League. 
The Canadians won the game and improved there record to 2-0!







 Saturday, April 26,  the Tokyo Canadians have the 3rd game of the Edogawa League.
The Canadians won the game, and they improved there record to 3-0 !





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R&W scrimmage:

Sep 18 (SUN) @ Jingu skate rink 

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